Turn skeptics into backers

Smart and shareable, the Reqqs scorecard will be online, open, and easy to communicate with whomever you need to bring on board. Share your process with stakeholders, in-house and extended teams, customers, and suppliers, all with no extra seat fees. The Reqqs scorecard is easier to socialize than a friendly puppy. It builds buy-in. And it won't chew your shoes.

Coming Soon! The smart roadmap tool for product people

Watch for the upcoming release of this lean and effective tool for organizing, prioritizing, and socializing your product or project requirements and roadmap. It will streamline the requirements process and help you get the buy-in that makes your projects successful. And Reqqs will be affordable – at just a few dollars a month, Reqqs will make you into the roadmap superhero you always knew you could be!

Skip the spreadsheet, ditch the deck

Stop juggling information across applications, documents, and notes: Reqqs will centralize all your requirements management tasks in one lightweight resource, organizing and simplifying the process from start to finish. All in one place, you'll be able to set goals, compose requirements, score, prioritize, communicate your vision, and generally keep all your balls in the air.


Score with every decision

Wouldn't it be great if no one could argue with your decisions? Reqqs will help with its objective requirements scorecard. Cut through the circular arguments by assigning definitive scores that balance value and effort, helping stakeholders see what's important and come to consensus. If it were any more scientific, you'd need a lab coat.

Become the Great Communicator

Steve Jobs. Ronald Reagan. You. The success of your plans relies on effectively communicating your vision. Reqqs will present your plan in the best possible light. Create visually stunning output, including great-looking, powerful roadmap presentations. And with everything organized in one place, you'll be able to update once, publish everywhere, and keep everyone in the loop.

Suck like you've never sucked before

Information, ideas, and input - they come from all over. Your email, your customers, your web research, your 3 AM epiphany. Reqqs makes it easy to grab snippets of information and tag them for ready access. Drop the data you want into Reqqs, and it'll be there when you need it. Organized and accessible. Reqqs sucks it up, so you don't have to.

What's in Release 1? Product people have spoken!

Coming in later releases

We wanted you to be able to experience the benefits of a simple, affordable requirements and roadmapping tool as soon as possible. So we asked product people like you: "What is the most important problem we could help solve?" You told us requirement prioritization was #1, so we've set out to build and release a solution for that first. We call it the Reqqs Scorecard and it's coming soon in R1!

We're committed to making Reqqs lightweight and easy to learn and use. But we're also going to make sure it has the breadth and depth to help product people like you with all of your most important work. Future releases will bring you these superpowers as well!

Go lean, get keen

You don't need another feature-heavy enterprise planning suite weighing you down. That's why Reqqs is being built from the ground up to reflect the real needs of people in today's small, lean teams - people like you. Designed by product people for product people, Reqqs helps you get right to what matters, for the keen edge you and your project need to stay ahead of the competition.

Still not convinced?

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