About UpUp Labs

Reqqs is brought to you by UpUp Labs. We’re all about releasing the superpowers lying dormant in product people like you. Our team is dedicated to using our decades of successful product development experience in enterprise and packaged software, SaaS and information services for the good of product people everywhere.

Who do we mean by product people? Product managers, product owners, program managers, project managers, scrum masters, product marketing managers, business analysts, product developers, development managers, designers – really, anybody trying to create a great product. We all have our work cut out for us. So it makes sense to us that we should band together and build tools for each other: tools by product people for product people.

Like most product teams, we’re small. And like most teams, we like lean tools that give us the power of flight without weighing us down with tons of features only the corporate heavyweights think we need. So everything we build comes with antigravity boots and complexity repulsor rays.

Reqqs – the smart roadmap tool for product people – is our first attempt at building something great for product people like us. We hope it tingles your spidey sense. Let us know what you think.

Use your powers for good.

- Bruce & the rest of the UpUp team

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