Coming Soon! The smart roadmap tool for product people

Watch for the upcoming release of this lean and effective tool for organizing, prioritizing, and socializing your product or project requirements and roadmap. It will streamline the requirements process and help you get the buy-in that makes your projects successful. And Reqqs will be affordable – at just a few dollars a month, Reqqs will make you into the roadmap superhero you always knew you could be!


Prioritization 301: An advanced roadmapping class

My attempt at a funny and practical presentation on how to make fanboys out of all your stakeholders by using objective criteria to prioritize your requirements and drive roadmap consensus. As seen in my session at ProductCamp Boston, June 9, 2012. - Bruce McCarthy, Chief Product Person

Download the slides and Prioritization Scorecard.

Strap on your utility belts!

Reqqs may not be ready yet, but check out these terrific tools for product people.

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Download the Slides and Prioritization Scorecard
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